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    At the mssturbasi of the mission are the cameras - the so-called Imaging Science Subsystem. These have both a long and short focal length, which gives both high resolution pictures and the wider context. Cassini also carries a set of spectrometers which look at the same things as the cameras, but which can see wavelengths beyond those visible to the human eye.

    It won't be easy and it's homo to hurt. It will be key to our understanding of Titan, Saturn's largest moon.

    mazturbasi These wavelengths allow the spectrometer to deduce the Young masturbasi nude composition of whatever is being looked at. The combined weight of the two probes was a massive masturbasii and it was masrurbasi travel across a billion miles masturbasl space. This created a whole new set of problems - how to get such a massive craft to its destination. The mission planners turned to a oYung known as a 'gravity assist'. The probe was to be launched by the largest rocket in the world, the Titan IVB. But that was just enough to get it out into space. Cassini was then routed by other planets, 'stealing' energy masturbbasi their orbital momentum.

    The result is nudee kind of gravitational slingshot. After launching inCassini passed by Venus twice, then Earth in and finally Jupiter at the end of Mission planners had plotted a course through what appeared to be a gap, but if Cassini was hit by even a tiny particle the size of a grain of rice, the probe could be destroyed. All eyes followed the signal given out by Cassini's low-gain antenna. The mission will last for at least four years, with the possibility of going on for longer. Cassini will use its wealth of instruments to study the whole Saturnian system. It's already providing intriguing information.

    By looking at the reflected light in ultra-violet wavelengths, this instrument can tell what parts are icy and what parts have been contaminated. By measuring this over time, UVIS will be able to use the pollution like a clock. The dirtier the rings get, the older they are. As Cassini passed over the rings during Saturn Orbit Insertion, UVIS took images of the rings which showed a significant difference in the levels of water ice and contaminants. It will take scientists time to decipher this data, but along with the information from Cassini's other instruments, such as the Visible and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer VIMSthey will be able to build up a picture of the composition of the rings over time, and so work out how old they are.

    But while the Cassini mission is due to last for years, the Huygens mission is much more short-lived.

    It will be key to our understanding of Titan, Saturn's largest moon. Like the Earth's, Titan's atmosphere is mainly made up of nitrogen, but there are other compounds such as methane which open up exciting possibilities for science. Because Titan is so cold as it is so far away from the sunmethane can exist in all three states - gas, liquid and solid. Indeed methane might adopt the role water has on earth in a weather cycle, so there could be clouds of methane, methane rain, and possibly even lakes, or seas. The surface itself is probably made not of rock, but hard water ice surface.

    Scientists expect it to be pitted with impact craters and even volcanoes, spewing liquid water, rather than lava. So in some ways, Titan's masturbawi might seem strangely familiar. But crucially, Titan may also offer a window on the distant past, as scientists believe that its atmosphere may resemble the early Earth's atmosphere, before life began. It's all because the methane and nitrogen in Titan's atmosphere combine together to create a compound called tholins, which form the impenetrable orange haze that blocks Titan's surface from view.

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