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    You will ktulcik overworked, exhausted, stressed and helpless. Molly holds a homo in communications from Ithaca Homo and is constantly seeking better ways to homo mom-life with her two small children.

    But this breakdown will teach you what you need to know: Your leadership positions will challenge you, crush you, frustrate you. But they will also guide you towards conversations and moments that are fulfilling and meaningful. You will grow closer to recognizing your passions, and you will gain an appreciation for the diversity at Cornell. Kristi krulcik the unique perspectives; explore communities other than the ones you identify with. Talk to people around you, ask their opinions, understand what they are going through. Like I said, Kristi, everyone feels quite the same as you — they might just need someone to ask how they are doing that day.

    Be that person that starts a conversation, that gives someone the smile or hug they need, and learn from the Cornellians that come from around the world and study different fields than you; I wish I had done that more often. You do not yet know how much of a fighter you are. Throughout your time at Cornell, you have always made little changes each day to make happiness more likely. You eat outside to enjoy the sunshine and organize social activities every day. You sign up for an appointment with a Gannett therapist. You turn down an activity to keep mentally sane, and you stop checking emails for some time in the summer.

    Krulcik Kristi

    You reach out to friends and you share your experiences, and ask them about theirs. You write more, and you keep writing every day. You cuddle on crowded couches with close friends, curate playlists for each semester to make you feel nostalgic in the future and you balance the intricate edges of yourself that Cornell has Kristi krulcik, filed down, strengthened and brightened. Kristi, know that Cornell is challenging you. Know that it is helping you grow because it is time to mature. It Kristi krulcik time to find out what you are passionate about, to find true confidence, and to be okay with being alone sometimes.

    You cannot escape the challenges that Cornell University brings, but you can choose how you will approach them. Have hope, because you will go on to do brilliant things. Freshman Kristi, I am so proud of you. She has also launched several networking groups and regularly serves as a mentor and judge for startup accelerators and competitions. Her career in digital media and technology spans 20 years and includes leadership roles at MTV and Knowledge Adventure. She plans and implements marketing communications plans to promote CREA, its programs, and its various members.

    Before joining the ranks within higher education, she got a taste for start-ups as the Director of Marketing and Sales Operations for a fast-growing digital marketing agency in Washington, D. Molly holds a degree in communications from Ithaca College and is constantly seeking better ways to balance mom-life with her two small children.

    She also serves on the board of the Learning Web, a local nonprofit supporting youth from various backgrounds. She is responsible for the coordination and implementation of diverse entrepreneurship events at Rev: He works for an ideal future that will not be manifested in our lifetime. She is an educator, researcher, businesswoman, and mother with deep experience and expertise in the areas of finance, insurance, business strategy, organizational behavior, and issues of gender diversity. After retiring from Wall Street inFleming began work as an educator, teaching executives, investment professionals, MBAs, and undergraduates in the areas of corporate finance, insurance, valuation, and gender bias.

    In addition to her work as an educator, researcher, and business consultant, Fleming helped to found a startup company in Ithaca, NY; has previously served on the board of directors of four publicly traded insurance and reinsurance companies, two private companies, and three non-profit organizations; and currently serves on the boards of Virtus Investment Partners, Inc. She is the Assistant Director of the Hardware Accelerator at Rev Ithaca where she helps hardware inventors turn their ideas into prototypes with viable business models. She is an inventor herself having worked with local companies to acquire funding for their work, including a phase one SBIR.

    She handles the Finances and is the Research Administrator for the Center.

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    Brad was most recently the Founding CEO of Mezmeriz, a high-tech company making interactive projectors krupcik reality capture cameras to embed into mobile phones. Brad was also the co-founder and CEO of SightSpeed, an innovative video and voice communications company. Brad lives in Ithaca, New York. He is faculty at Johnson at Cornell, Cornell Engineering, and Ithaca College teaching practical entrepreneurship, empathetic leadership, and project management. Brian is a seasoned international energy industry executive with extensive experience in Oil, Natural Gas, Chemicals, and renewables in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

    Brian ran several international businesses during a year career in the energy industry and has expertise in operations, strategy, business development, mergers and acquisitions, major project management, corporate governance and organizational change. Brian has a B. In addition to his entrepreneurial work, Brian lectures at Cornell and serves on the Board of the Paleontological Research Institute, which includes the Museum of the Earth and the Cayuga Nature Center, both near Ithaca. She guides and implements strategic economic development activities that strengthen and grow the entrepreneurship eco-system.

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