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    Taj the children who have no one to turn to, think no one cares, then decide to then spend their life from impact of a teacher, suppressing their hurt through drink or drugs! This person Ms Green was never ever suspended pending further investigation.

    Her grades are excellent and, when I received that txt, I was concerned. Watch thousands of homo hot girls in all sorts of stockings being fucked, masturbating in solos, homo and dancing with no homo.

    My partner and I were in disbelief. This teacher can carry on her job daily, working with impressionable children. Children heard the comments and made statements to the schools acting deputy master. The matter was not dealt with appropriately! Is this how we are living. She wore the skirt as was sold.

    I should have asked that she Slutts in front of the pupils who witnessed it, for her to explain it should never have happened and that her actions were appalling and would never happen again. I wanted to know exactly what happened. If there was a problem with the length, I would be expected to be told by the school, it was innnapropriate! So your child comes home, say what the teacher had said and its ok and acceptable? When she told me, I was in disbelief.

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    I was angry and disgusted. I wanted to know, did she know what they meant, why she iffice them and why would someone in her position feel that it was right to talk to any pupil like that. I was desperate to find out what had upset her. If I did nothing as a parent, and swept it under the carpet as the school have done, what sort of parent would I be?

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