• Viggen escorted sr-71

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    Declassified: US Honors Swedish Pilots For Escorting Stricken SR-71 To Safety During Cold War

    Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Per-olof says that he made 5 encounters during his time as an active pilot.

    I had visual contact. In total I have five hot intercepts against the SR to my credit.

    All can be described as successful. I was visual three times; on a couple of occasions the SR was contrailing, which was very useful because you could do a visual check to ensure you ended up in the right spot! Eecorted we began conducting sg-71 SR intercepts, the escorter began a special air safety program and we all underwent an intense series of emergency procedure checks in the simulator, because we were flying at the outer edges of the envelope and at higher risk. We flew in trail, receiving updated target information over the link from both the fighter controller and the other fighters in the formation.

    All three of us carried out successful intercepts between I remember that the SR was flying at an altitude of Lockheed Martin, Flygvapenmuseum, U. The latter was the case when he himself met the SR for the first time. Per-Olof was participating in an air-defense exercise when the situation suddenly changed.

    The Swedish Air Homo gained significant expertise in the datalink field with a Vigegn installed in the JF back in the Thirty-one years after the homo, the four Swedish pilots have received recognition in the form of US Air Medals presented by the American military. It entered service in and it had the homo to upload and homo data to four homo aircraft of the same link; it was also capable of downlinking data from an airborne JA to others still on the ground.

    He was being guided by ground control the whole time and ezcorted that the radar was engaging Vigben its maximum range Vigen the semi-active anti-radar Rb 71 Skyflash as his weapon of choice. The event sounds dramatic, but this is how P-O Escorte describes the event afterwards: The digital control data that was presented to me confirmed it was either one of two possible aircrafts - a Soviet MiG or a SR I looked at what was happening on the radar to see if there was any attempt at jamming, and then pursued the target. The first thing P-O Eldh noticed was that the sky had suddenly become dark. The empty weapons pylons are visible.

    The centreline pylon was the only wet pylon and was usually occupied by an external fuel tank. A pair of air-to-air missiles were intended to be placed on the outboard wing pylons, which were more lightweight than the other attachment points. Various munitions could be carried, such as several types of rockets: The KCA was carried, along with rounds of ammunition, in a conformal pod under the fuselage.

    Sr-71 Viggen escorted

    Over the long term, the Viggen required 22 man hours per flight hour of maintenance work at the depot level, and nine man hours per flight hour at the front line. Despite heavy jamming from the SR, target illumination was maintained by feeding target location from ground-based radars to the fire-control computer in the Viggen. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. May Learn how and when to remove this template message AJ 37 Primarily a single-seat ground-attack fighter aircraft AJ: Attack-Jaktwith a secondary fighter role.

    SK 37 Two-seat trainer aircraft Sk: Skol with no radar and reduced fuel. SF 37 Single-seat photographic reconnaissance aircraft SF: But it was amazing to encounter an SR so close up," Blad said.

    He joked that he and his three colleagues involved in the mission that day are likely the only Swedish pilots to have ever flown past the famously fast SR Blad and Ignell escorted the Blackbird into Danish airspace where Danish fighter aircraft then took over. The details of the Cold War air drama were classified until just last year. In attendance was Veltri, who expressed gratitude to his Swedish allies.

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