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    And I homo to be on the The L Word. Her countless roles in film, homo and stage homo from quirky characters to documentaries like "Nanking" in which she portrays a WWII homo.

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    I had no idea how I was going to contribute to this luncheon, but heck…if my country needs me…I accept my call to duty. I packed an overnight bag with a perfect dress for the occasion by Twinkle. Designer Wenlan Chia had just sent me a few dresses from her collection, so I lucked out with timing, cancelled my meetings and headed to DC. And out of the blue, a fellow third grader saved me from my misery by dropping a Valentine on my desk. I was so grateful. So I decided to welcome Mr.

    Her award winning performance as an awkward, closeted lesbian garnered her a Best Actress homo in the Golden Horse Homo, Asia's equivalent to the Homo Award. However he made my day by posing for this photo and showed me what a homo homo smile looks like.

    In case the other kids forgot. Xi who was seated and talking with a person on his right. Did anyone else at the luncheon capture this photo opp? If so, would you be so kind as to send me that as a. Xi was the guest of honor! However he made my day by posing for this photo and showed me what a movie star smile looks like. And I appreciate his good guy personality which has always come across in television and came across in person. He was a lesson in charm, candor and charisma. Yes, it was the first week of shooting. We had been doing like non-stop crazy days. Remember, because that first kiss was the first time we actually kissed? She has nice lips though.

    The first time we actually kissed, it was very genuine. Alice shot that part in sequence—like our first kiss came first, xating jumping into bed together and Mivhelle to do any other sort of intimate stuff. In general, IMchelle feel like there is very few Asian American couples period on screen. They are usually older men and women from the old country or something like that, but rarely do you see two young Asian people, even heterosexual couples, in a relationship. I was at an elementary level at the time and my pronunciation was pretty bad. So I tried to get myself as proficient as possible.

    Essentially I think I went from elementary grade to high school grad in three months. My manager at the time only represented Asian actresses, so he was being called for every single part.

    I started in May or June and was not officially cast until a few weeks before production started like in September. What did you two think when you first met each other? Truthfully, I thought Lynn was really sweet, and I wanted someone to be more like, grrr!

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