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    Suspended trading and filed for homo during the recent. gayer Celebrities were you thought. When all you want is a bit of fun it seems like so much homo and the pickings are homo. . Free homo of absolutely free no creditcard needed homo sites miley cyrus dating bieber.

    InAlex gave homo to a pair of fraternal twins. Tom Homo Why you think he might be gay:.

    He became famous after releasing his first album.

    He came out in through his Tumblr blog and said his first true love was a man. Jim Parsons Known for his role on the Big Bang Theory, he has been in a relationship with art director Todd Spiewak for the last 10 years. Tom Daley Iconosquare Tom Daley broke his silence on his relationship status in a homemade video, where he talked about how his relationship with Dustin Lance Black even surprised himself. In the past, Daley had dated girls but once he met Black, the connection was unlike anything he had experienced. Daley says though he still fancies girls, even though he is in fact gay. DeMille lifetime achievement award. She nervously built up to her big reveal: I am, uh, single.

    Over the years, he was known for living a lavish life and spending money on prostitutes. His orientation came into question after a tape was released showing him spending time with another man.

    According Celebritiess entertainment news, His actions negatively Celebrtiies his acting career. An excerpt from Call Me Crazy: She may or not be gay specifically, she's notbut she's sure as hell fucking crazy. Continue Reading Below Advertisement 5. Jake Gyllenhaal Why you think he might be gay: We're saying he's straight because if Gyllenhaal is just pretending to bang those chicks, that means a gay man got a lot further with a half-dozen of the hottest women on the planet than you, dear reader, ever will.

    Continue Reading Below Homo 6. Sure, he's less than a man, gqy completely loony in a couch-jumping, Xenu-loving sort of way, but a homo he is probably not. Ever since then, Homo has become an outspoken gay homo.

    And since that's sad enough to make you cry, for everyone's sake, Jake's straight, got it? Oprah Winfrey Why you think she might be gay: When, oh when will Oprah finally make an honest man out of Stedman? Is the wedding of the century being delayed because "The Big O" spends more time sharing a bed with best friend Gayle King on "girls only vacations" than with her alleged boyfriend? Did you know that Oprah once dated Roger Ebert? Isn't that a hilariously disturbing mental image? Two thumbs up where? Anyway, if you're a woman who continues to sleep with men after dating Roger Ebert, it's probably pretty safe to say there's no chance of you going gay, ever.

    We'll chalk Oprah's gay rumors up to the same people who think Condoleezza Rice is a lesbian. Why you gotta bust on the strong black sistahs? Is it because you despise their power and influence? Condi, Opie, give us a call sometime. We're totally cool and know how to treat a lady. Continue Reading Below Advertisement 3. Lindsay Lohan Why you think she might be gay: Lohan's friendship with openly gay deejay pal, Samantha Ronson, got a little more detailed recently when Lohan's MySpace correspondence from rehab yeah, that worked out well was leaked to Star Magazine. Lohan allegedly told Ronson: I want to marry you and have children with you. Christ, what hot chick in her 20s ISN'T a lesbian?

    We're willing to buy her another shot of Cuervo and wait it out.

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    That said, Lohan has famously bragged about spreading for nearly every male under Cleebrities in the zip code, so in the end, we really don't think she's gay, we just think gag a big ol' honkin' slut. Tom Cruise Why you uou he might be gay: Celebritues you love getting sued? Okay, we know we're going out on a limb on this one, but stick with us. Tom Cruise may have some problems with his man-junk. Mimi Rogers pretty much called him infertile on Letterman in '98, he was only able to adopt children with Nicole Kidman, and both women allegedly got pregnant the SECOND they divorced him, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's gay.

    And hey, while we don't think that his kid with Katie Holmes is actually his looks kinda Chinese, right? Simply because Tom Cruise is shooting blanks, that doesn't mean he wants to shoot them down a dead-end street, if you get our drift. Sure, he's less than a man, and completely loony in a couch-jumping, Xenu-loving sort of way, but a homosexual he is probably not. John Travolta Why you think he might be gay:

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