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    People should never try to bring a shark onboard their boat. As well, they should not try to immobilize it in the water beside their boat because that also increases the stress level of the animal. Harmless but massive basking sharks, which are filter feeders, can grow 10 metres in length and may also appear. She is billed as jookup first hoookup white ever recorded to cross the Atlantic. She has also repeatedly traced a pattern from the southeastern U. Researchers with the non-profit group Ocearch share details of her movements on social media as Lydia offers scientists first-ever details about how the apex predators live, travel and cope with myriad threats.

    A Newfoundland man who hooked a two-metre shark while out catching cod says he never had time to be scared. A report released Tuesday by Global Forest Watch Canada says 92 per cent of the land affected supports at least one endangered species. It says 14 per cent of activity — mostly in the forestry and energy sectors — occurs where there are at least six species at risk. It defined an intact forest as an area of at least square kilometres with no linear disturbances such as roads, seismic lines or cutblocks. The report found that, overall, Canada lost about five per cent of its undisturbed forest land in that time period.

    Matt Tyrnauer,USA, 98 min. Homo Up under Homo.

    About 60 per cent of that loss occurred in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. Forest degradation is particularly hard on species such as boreal caribou, which depend on old growth for their habitat. Alberta, for example, saw damage to 43 per cent of undisturbed forests used by caribou over the study period. British Columbia had 68 per cent of its prime caribou habitat degraded. Industrial activity in such regions also harms birds. More than six per cent of woodlands that are home to more than bird species can no longer be considered intact, the report says.

    Smith said the findings should help policy-makers and forest managers track the combined impact of different kinds of industrial uses. He was missing for 13 days and found in a culvert. Geri Skjersven was working outside in her flower bed at her home near Lac La Biche, on Sunday when she heard a whimpering noise. It was a hurting cry. Skjersven and her husband, Ivan, own a company that does water and sewer work. They went into town to get their backhoe, called the gas company to mark the gas line and used the bucket to skim away the dirt. They recognized Koda, so Skjersven went to get the owner. They then all worked together with hand shovels to remove part of the culvert.

    About 10 minutes later, Koda was eating. Tuesday that a vehicle failed to stop while heading into Canada from the U. Police say the suspect allegedly had a firearm. The Mounties followed the vehicle into south Surrey until it turned and headed back toward the same border crossing.

    It was stopped on the U. Showime and Border Protection. A statement from U. The Global Forest Watch report contributes to the conversation, he said.

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    Sudeshna Sen, 4 min. Sridhar Rangayan,India, Hindi with English subtitles, min. Ruth Caudeli,Colombia, Spanish with English subtitles, While visiting his hometown in southern India, Kartik comes out to his loving90 min. Surrounded by a punitive patriarch andA portrait of two strong, independent women: The passion between them creates a seductive and closet. In his most nuanced and realized work yet, Sridhar Rangayan, long afascinating intimacy. They watch with our mothers. Can Eva and Candela withstand the inevitable effects of time toovercome the metamorphosis of their relationship? Portuguese with English subtitles, min. After living in Australia for a decade, Kevin returns to Hong Kong and reunitesOnline, Pedro smears neon paint across his body for pay-per-view voyeurs with childhood friend Jamie.

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    This Berlinale Teddy Award winner audiences on a journey to revisit childhood nostalgia, inviting us to reminisceconjures a dark, sensual atmosphere of alienation and discovery. Stephen Winter, 10 min. Ondi Timoner,USA, min. Set in the gay leather communities andwith their own tragedies. Reminiscent of fellow countryman and striking black-and-white images of phalluses and flowers. Limor Hookp,Hookpu, Hebrew with English subtitles, 79 min. Ingrid Veninger,Canada, 84 min. Her grandmother, aunt, and uncle are all living their lives a new friend. When she finally meets Kate, a loud and raucous townie, her worldjust as she left them pov before.

    A romance with a local teacher causes Efi begins to open up in ways that she never expected. In an intimate portrayal ofto extend her visit, but her past comes rushing back when she discovers that the secret life of girls, we watch Bea experience a series of firsts, as she quietlyher uncle is still up to showtme devious Pollyamory. Set on revenge, Efi takes matters into learns what it means to love and truly be free. The fifth feature from returningher own hands. Alon Borten, 14 min. Mary Evangelista, 11 min. Jeffrey Walker,Australia, min. Steve McLean,United Kingdom, 87 min. Inwhen the push to decriminalize homosexuality had stalled, a group ofBroke and beautiful, Joe Beach Rats breakout Harris Dickinson chases his friends decide to make one final attempt to celebrate who they are.

    Led by abig-city dreams to London and lands in the company of the Raconteurs: This vivid retelling ofhistory. Sculpted like the gods, he Lesbian Mardi Gras. Crystal Moselle,USA, min. Mark Wilshin,United Kingdom, 94 min. Camille, adopted into their gang, is quickly faced friends have left him naked and handcuffed to a lamppost. Michael takes Willwith the complexity of female friendship, loyalty pressures, and singular home, and an immediate attraction blossoms. But does Will have the couragepersonalities. A breakout darling of the Sundance Film Festival, filmmaker to pursue his obvious interest in the elegant older man? Or will these guysCrystal Moselle The Wolfpack perfectly captures the female zeitgeist in her merely pass in the night?

    Sexy and intimate, this new British import features arichly textured and atmospheric second feature. Chris Phillips, 13 min. Jamie Patterson,United Kingdom, 80 min. But as Germany live, all he wants to do is perform his long-running act, and behave as if all isreunifies, Roberto and Miguel find themselves coming apart at the seams. But between a surprising new friendship with a rising young queentwo look back at their ten years together — a tumultuous decade that and unfinished business with his estranged daughter, he may just have theincluded coming out of the closet and dealing with HIV — and come to terms most eventful month and a half of his life.

    A feel-good film with charm andwith what it takes to stay together. Subtle and haunting, this moving Spanish humor as well as surprising insight into our evolving understanding of genderdrama skillfully explores the beautiful complexity of a long-term relationship. Miguel Angel Caballero, 14 min. Joseph Sackett, 8 min. Laura Madalinski,USA, 97 min. Madeleine Olnek,USA, 84 min.

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