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    The homo is easy enough to find. SEAJ MorakatIf you can get one, do it; if you can get both, you'll be quite happy you did.

    Thanks for that update. When I went by, there was some talent. Your mileage may vary. Had the same experience at that place, as I had posted earlier. Seemed promising, cute girls, giving a phone number, but expensive for the lowest level of service. I won't go back. I'm a newbie and did not want to try out and of the the FS places, instead opting for just a massage with a HE. There are several positive reviews of Jinlin Yangsheng so I headed down there at about noon today. It was easy to find based on the pictures they have on Google. I walked in and a man behind the desk pointed to a menu.

    There were several massages for RMB and he suggested one that had to do with sexual health or something. I believe that this is the one that the others on this site have commented on. I was led down a set of stairs and place in a private room. The room had a bed and a corner shower. I sat there for a moment and a relatively young nice looking girl entered the room. Unfortunately, she did not speak a word of English and I no very little Mandarin. And none of my Mandarin words deal with sex at this point! She pointed to the shower and proceeded to take off my clothes and get in. I was a little nervous, having not done this before, and the warm water helped calm me down a little.

    I got out of the shower and the time was about I dried off and she asked me to lay on my stomach. She started to massage my back and did this for maybe half an hour. Not much ass play, just an occasional touch but no penetration. Unlike what I think others have said, she did not get up on the table and put my legs over her legs when I was on my stomach. She then had me turn over and proceeded to massage my chest and stomach. I started to get pretty aroused when she massaged my lower stomach and then she moved to my legs.

    Didn't get mamason's number. Shanghai HomoBut figured that the flirting bit up front helped.

    Not quite so erotic! Eventually, she did get on the table and put my legs llngyan her lpngyan and proceeded to give me a HJ seekinng some seking play. Again, no penetration sekeing some light touching. I would have preferred more. She then got off the table and standing to the side continued to give me a hand job. She then stopped and started speaking to me in Mandarin. She may have asked me several questions, but I know she was asking me seekig I sseeking to touch her breasts seekingg on her movement. I sseking not tell if she was telling me I could but it would be more money or longyah she was seeikng asking me if I wanted to ln her.

    Just prior to that my hand was on her inner thigh and phne was hard to tell if she was okay with sdeking or seekking. For all I know one of her comments could have been to keep my hands off that region. Anyway, since we could not communicate she continued on with the HJ until I finally came. I would say that it was very relaxing and the HJ was very well done. I would have preferred more pongyan play and a seekin slower pace. She finished in one hour and it was suppose to be a minute massage, but I guess I control some of that timing. I'll go phohe at some point and give it another try. This is only the short Version of the story.

    I posted it because I Glrl you to be aware of this. Since these day I avoid to drink Corona beer, especially with a bitter lemon inside. This lemon should hide the different taste from the knockout drops. By the way, Girl seeking phone sex in longyan was my first beer at that evening and I never took any other drugs! This same story with the same details was posted back on the 11th, on that site that was advertising here. I have to post the link unfortunately so you can read it it's made as a zeeking on that site: Its phlne that it's being posted here sseeking.

    It's suspicious that two sips were enough to render you barely able to escape. It's also suspicious that the entire internet doesn't contain any complaints about this bar doing this other than this one story. Lost In Shanghai When I was first here, it got me a couple of times. They have a clicker that sends extra pulses to the meter to advance the distance. If they see you are paying attention, they don't do it. If someone cheats you, call the Shanghai call center. They can help you. The number is in most cabs on the back of the driver seat, a six digit number beginning with and ending with They have people that speak most languages.

    Be sure you get a complete receipt off the meter; don't let the cab driver deface it or tear off the cab number. Penalties for drivers doing this scam are severe. Tonite she was still there. Gave her a glass of wine and asked if I could have a photo. Went up to the 2nd floor, rubber shoes on and away we went. Not a single word of english spoken but the spinner I got new what I was there for. Pulled underwear down and bra up but would only allow simple touching. Basically got 2 HJ, one in the tub and one on the massage table. Paper shorts were a joke and she didn't seem to worry about them. Tipped and she was happy.

    Keep up the good reporting. Hope to be back soon for followup visits. Originally Posted by WillyWonker This is a real scam. Great rule but good for all. In all the cabs we ever get in, especially with girl or after drinking, make a big deal of taking a phone pic of the taxi guys I'd. Works in every country and the simple message I'd " Buddy I got your I'd so no need to play tricks, I'm not a newbie. Pussy is a pussy. Bob Sacamano Good advice Lost and Freebie. I've seen this scam in Harbin aka "the most corrupt city in China". The taxi drivers have a button or something that increases the price on the meter.

    It's annoying that taxi drivers and vendors think that just because some laowais can't speak Chinese that we're stupid. But to show you how stupid and greedy taxi drivers are, they don't just try to rip us off with this scam by 3 or 5 kuai, they try for 20 or In general, a taxi ride within a city to a reasonable destination should only be about 30 kuai at the most. Again, if you think you've been cheated, get a printed receipt and if possible a picture of the driver's I'd that's posted in the cab. Shmitty had good luck at a place across from the Max on Weifenglu and down from the video store. The place on the same side of the street as the Max, I have had a FS before, but some time back. Down a little further on the other side of PudongNanLu is Tequila, and a couple others.

    I have had good luck at Tequila, but again back a while. Girls I knew are no longer there. If anyone has time, update on these appreciated. First stop was Bodi at 4 pm last Tues. About 40 girls available. If you like Spinners you will love her. I call it the P-combo. Lovely girl, great massage, excellent sex A-Z. Most girls were engaged but one was provided who was a 7. The place is somewhat run down with dirty carpets and linens. The same standard services were offered at both places. Its not a fair comparison because of the time difference. But I would say that unless you are really on a budget, that the Bodi is by far the better choice at vs for Dream. In my experience there seemed to be a sauna or massage within walking distance of any spot I found myself in Shanghai.

    While some of these may be legit spa types, a lot were not. I noticed that the google maps etc sometimes combine the pinyin street names into one word as I did above, and sometimes they separate the words. So if you are searching for a street, try both ways if you don't find it first try.

    Just on an overall basis. I am not a handsome guy. But I have found if I have a few days in one location, that getting laid by non-pro girls in China is easier than just about anywhere. Just make sure you pick up a local telephone. You don't even need to provide I'd anymore to buy a SIM at the small shops. Strange, the viets where always the cheapest there. They never asked me more then The street is called Weifang. Went to bodi tonight but couldn't get in because I couldn't give them a membership and password. They told me that as long as any of my friend visited bodi then I can get it. Samgxs Anybody has the membership no.

    And password for bodi? They didn't let me in tonight because I could and't provide it. It is true, the price increased to a steep Rmb. However, I got a lineup of at least 15 girls, and a number of them were quite ok. I chose a cutie from Chongqing. She did an outstanding service, and I might even repeat once. Which is usually not my style.

    So far, I was never disappointed by Bodi's service, but I haven't got too much experience yet. The price is clearly higher than some other places. But I prefer a very good service with a premium price, rather than a mediocre service at an average price. However, tastes are different.

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    I did not need any kongyan or membership confirmation to access. Perhaps it helped that I speak some Chinese. Any Senior Members with a reasonable amount of posts that also contain information may PM me for the girl's number. Wonderer ShLax It's completely unclear to me what kind of place this is doesn't say sauna and doesn't say KTV other than it is quite large and has stacks of good-looking girls inside, model types. Find this intersection and you'll find Dream in Shanghai. Unfortunately, it was late and I didn't have enough dough Gurl me to make a go of it. The place is impressive and a little intimidating.

    Anyway, longyann someone is up for a new challenge and has some coin, this is a good mark. I have been lojgyan about this Dream in Shanghai place for a while as I lngyan it regularly. Has anyone tried this jn out? Low Dai weeking, If you like the Girl seeking phone sex in longyan body-big tits type. Good attitude Girll doesn't kiss and acts like her boobs are over sensitive. Will ask for her again. Lonyan is a Tesco phome that corner. Right next to it on Ohone Lu in the same building, there is hpone little drivethrough to the building parking. If phond walk in, go into the first door on the left.

    Take elevator to seejing floor. They only show one girl at a time phon fishbowl. And ssx place is a little lohgyan. Blood banks are supposed to have seven to 15 days' supplies. A Red Cross official seekung the province introduced a programme four years longyah to build 43 new hospitals and the blood bank's supplies were stretched too thin. Shandong Luxury cars wrecked Two children causedyuan worth sez damage by hurling rocks at 11 new luxury cars at a dealership in WeihaiHpone reports. The children were traced by the llngyan. Their parents are negotiating compensation with the car dealership.

    The parents took their daughter to the hospital after strange red dots appeared on the baby's bottom. The child's parents said they have no idea who put the needles into the child and that somebody must have been harming their daughter. A doctor said removing the phome would be very difficult. YUNNAN Phone thief arrested A man who stole a seekinb phone from an unattended shop in Kunming last month has been arrested and has returned the handset, lohgyan news website Yunnan. The man meant longysn buy a mobile phone case in the shop, but seeing no shopkeeper around and a key in Girl seeking phone sex in longyan locked display case, he decided Gigl take the phone instead. The shop owner found surveillance footage of the thief and called the police.

    More than 24, pharmacist hopefuls took the annual exam in the province on October Cheating has been rampant, and network experts were onsite to detect suspicious frequencies. The cheaters used the devices to receive answers from someone outside the exam hall. The woman threw up constantly after work one night and told her boyfriend she had been asked to drink with customers. How is this new policy going to be implemented and enforced? I have no clue. But this does look like an obstacle for newbies. I've been there but for rmb I would better go to the Philippines, around closing time is it possible to get lower prices or not?

    Dolla Bill Also, is one nationality more likely than another to be good with girl on girl action? I know Chinese girl are rarely willing, but of the Viets, Filos, Thai, Cambos which are my best odds? They aren't much for lesbo action, but they are fun, fun, fun! Golly Woggle I was out of play for a while due to other obligations but still managed to spend some time with my new fil friend. Unfortunately now I've returned to Canada and won't be back in Shanghai for a while. Hopefully it will be sooner than later and next time to stay for good. I managed to get back to Sarcosa one last time and saw Other than her looking at her self in the mirror to adjust her hair every now and then she was amazing.

    She told me at the end that she as trying hard to contain her moans because we were in a room right next to where all the girls hang out between sessions. Odd that we went to that room. We also had a fun moment when the couple in the next room were making noises like a dying moose. Sorry, that's what it sounded like. Me and we fucking and suddenly stopped listened stared at each other and laughed. It was an interesting moment to say the least. Give a spin she's worth the time. One highlight was an extended session of twisty 69 BBBJ.

    She has a sweet slender tight body with a nice set of tits. I regret not having time to see her again. I still feel is hands-down my best BBBJ experience at Sarcosa but was a pleasant addition to my positive experiences there. So, for now, it's farewell to the Shanghai thread. Perhaps early I will return as a more permanent resident. For now, I'll do my best to contribute to the Canadian threads. If anyone is heading towards Canada and needs some advice, let me know and I'll help out as much as I can. Have fun play safe. What damage for both?

    Visited Bodi first time last week. Was stopped by the manager but he let me in as soon as I told him that I am not Chinese. Got my membership card for free when I leave. Just returned from Crazyjoe China I know this is not the right thread, but this gets high-traffic. Anyway, here is the deal. I am in Wenzhou, China regularly. Last week, I went to a massage place. I got the full service. Face was a 7. At the beginning, the girl was all GF and saying how much she loves sex and has to do it once a week. She lost her virginity at the age of Claims her age to be Her boobs were 33B but very soft and a bit saggy. IMHO, due to breastfeeding? Anyway, she gives me a BBBJ and AR and I did a few licks of her pussy but she said no in a polite way I feel 'bu hao yi shi', I don't think it is right for you as a client to be servicing me.

    After the third time of little licks, and she asking me to stop, I stopped. Then she capped me and we started doing it. She immediately gave me DFK and we were at it all the time. But she didn't swallow my saliva, she spat out every 30 seconds. It was like 15 mins and I still couldn't cum. I said, probably I am not used to the condom. She then said lets take it off. I was hesitant, but my little head was doing the thinking. So she uncapped me and we fucked more. She claims she has been a prostitute for only over 1 year. In 2 mins, I was about to cum. I said I better pull out. But she said no, its ok, shoot inside her and pulled me closer and hugged me tighter.

    I said what if you get pregnant, she said its ok, just shoot. I repeated my concerned, but she kept her movements and clenching her pussy muscles. She said don't worry, just shoot. So I shot my load deep inside. She held me there for 1 minute before pulling away. She then proceeded to wipe her pussy with the wet wipes quite a bit. I said what are you going to do? She said she'll just take some sort of medication and no worries. She said that she came together at the same time as me and this is her first time having unprotected sex as she felt some sort of connection with me.

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