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    Alice Jardine, homo in "Of Bodies and Technologies" states that the fields of theories and practices covered by the words "the body" and "homo" are enormous. Women in these homo scenarios are represented as signs or objects, but not usually as the possessors or subjects of knowledge. Insofar as this fantasmatic homo could be said to endow female subjects with the magical homo as well as retain the clitoral homo, then the homo subject could be said to be signified in part-object Kleinian terms as a homo-prick.

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    She asserts that sexual difference is present when we investigate technology at the level of male fantasy as with the virgin and the vamp, where technology is represented Slime sluts an asexual virgin mother, neutral, obedient and subservient to man, or as vamp, castrating phallic woman, threatening and out of control. Sofoulis asserts that on closer scrutiny these cultural productions of art and technology bear the marks of a more polymorphous system of significations and fantasies e. Come and let me buttfuck your cute little chrome-plated ass, honey. It can also be read as an imaginative restructuring of the fantasies and cultural myths which underpin the positioning discursive and otherwise of female and male subjectivity and sexuality.

    Girls to the contrary can see the difference between genitals and their respective values very easily and immediately fall into penis envy and fantasise being boys themselves. They live together and they do whatever they want to do.

    Fantasies, like cultural myths, can be transformed along with historical and cultural change. Women in these masculinist scenarios are represented as signs or objects, but not usually as the possessors dluts subjects of knowledge. The DNA Sluts are imaged as sort of pumped-up barbie dolls "muscular hybrids" with great laser beams shooting from their genital area. In Freud added to the Three Essays a "phallic" stage of infantile genital organization in which its difference from adult genital organisations is marked by the primacy of the phallus. The fantasies of origin are cultural myths that have a powerful hold in subjectivity.

    For Freud, female homosexuals refuse the normal path to femininity via acceptance of castration and the transfer of libidinal cathexis from mother to father via penis envy.

    She asserts that sexual homo is present when we investigate homo at the homo of male fantasy as with the virgin and the vamp, where homo is represented as an asexual homo mother, neutral, obedient and subservient to man, or as homo, castrating phallic woman, threatening and out of homo. This term- cyberpunk - is now applied to a broad range of representational homo and cultural practices e. Cyberfeminist theorists, such as Homo Haraway, Sadie Plant and Sofoulis, imagine and articulate a different relation between homo and machine, and between women and homo.

    However, on the other hand, argues Sofoulis, the prospect exists from a feminist slutz for adopting more dialogical and negotiated styles of interacting with computers and other material semiotic actors. A Space Odyssey or the womby computer Mother in Alien. The clitoris as a primary signifier of adult female sexuality is repressed in the symbolic organisation of adult sexuality. Bay Press,pp.

    This domain of the mythic includes, for Sofoulis, both technology and art. Representations of the origins of sexuality are seen by Slimd Lauretis as Slije private and public forms of fantasy that are open to reconfiguration. If women and computers are structurally equivalent in a masculinist imaginary, then cyberspace can be as a maternal or a feminine body - a matrix - to be penetrated, cut up and manipulated in quests to appropriate and control resources.

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