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    As soon as our eyes met, I knew I wanted a piece of him. Even though his eyes darted towards me from time to time, he was busy for most of the ceremony so he did not come over. Later on in the reception, he approached me.

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    My heart did a quick flip when I saw him sit syck the chair beside me. I looked up to see a few couples already making their way to the dance floor. I nodded and took his hand. He led me to a corner of the floor where we both began to move to the music.

    I smiled at him. The longer we danced, the more intimate our moves got. Soon, I was so close to him that I could feel a hint of his erection poking me. This heightened my anticipation. He must have been thinking the same thing because he leant down and whispered in my ear. Sex In The Kitchen I looked around. The married couple was making their way out and that meant guests would probably start leaving soon. He did, and a few minutes later, I was sitting beside him as he drove us to his house. I nodded as I sat down. I took off my shoes, setting it on the side as I waited for him.

    He returned with the water then took off his jacket and shirt. He sat beside me. He was shirtless while I still wore a strapless green dress. He moved closer to me and brought his hands around to rest on my shoulder. With his other hand, he found the remote control and switched on the TV, flipping the channels. I work in an insurance company. I smiled and nodded. He asked me a few more questions about modelling. As he did, his hand, which was over my shoulder, slipped into the neckline of my dress. He paused, probably waiting to see if I would resist. His hand moved deeper in until he found my nipples and gently began to stroke. I moaned and we stopped conversing.

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