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    The Euclidean metric of Excoffier et al. Because of the high phylogenetic relationship among A.

    The genetic variation was partitioned into three components: This cladogram included the haplotypes belonging to the parapatric and sister taxa A. To test the null hypothesis that the haplotypes or clades nested within a high level nesting clade show no geographical associations given their overall frequencies, we used the software GEODIS, version 2. This analysis produced statistics related to the data distances: Results obtained from GEODIS were then interpreted using the revised inference key of Templeton to elucidate the alternative historical scenarios of taxa differentiation. Because vertical dark bands in males are characteristic of these fishes and their thickness is highly variable, the ratio between band thickness and band interspace was also calculated for comparative purposes A.

    A discriminant function analysis was performed over the partial warp matrix and the uniform component scores generated by the software tpsRegr, version 1. Canonical axes were demonstrated in shape space by multivariate regression of partial warps, as well as uniform component scores on canonical scores of the two roots obtained with tpsRegr. Because of a pronounced sexual dimorphism, data of males and females were analysed separately. From the SEM photographs, the thickness of filament bases per species belonging to eggs and females from at least three ponds per species was measured with the software IMAGEJ, version 1. Given that the measures from the filaments of each egg did not fit a normal distribution, the medians were compared using the Kruskal—Wallis test among the intraspecific eggs.

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