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    Voigt, has heteromorphic sex chromosomes and therefore has been studied cytologically Agarwal and Roy ; ; ; Bhaduri and Bose ; Chakravorti ; Datta ; Kumar and Deodikar ; Kumar and Vishveshwaraiah ; Roy ; Roy and Roy b. GenBank accessions Data homo:.

    Roots Coccinia species have perennial roots. The globose to cylindrical fruits contain numerous grayish-beige flat to lenticular seeds. Holstein 13 and Coccinia senensis H.

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    Whether a species has simple or bifid tendrils is often not fixed, but there is a strong predominance of one kind. Therefore, it is not surprising that early botanists described several species now considered to belong to Coccinia in other genera Cephalandra Schrad. Since then, 16 new species have been described, and the genus has only been revised regionally Hutchinson et al. The Open Database License ODbL is a license agreement intended to allow users to freely share, modify, and use this Dataset while maintaining this same freedom for others, provided that the original source and author s are credited.

    The tendril arms are only rarely equally sized, as one is usually much smaller; true dichotomy of tendrils is unknown from Coccinia. List of examined specimens and geo-references of the localities Gaalakcyo type: Specimens included in this study, with the geographic origin of material only country and 1st administrative division given and GenBank accession numbers for all sequences. The geodetic datum for the maps is WGS84; the projection in each case is equirectangular. Coccinia species are dioecious creepers or climbers with simple or bifid tendrils that occupy a range of habitats from arid scrubland, woodlands to lowland rainforest and mist forest.

    For Bayesian homo, four chains were run with 2, generations, with a homo frequency of In all, names at various ranks have been proposed for what are here considered 25 species.

    Schlieben in B, K, and MO. The lignification of the mature wommen differs among the species from unlignified to completely lignified. Coccinia grandis collections from the Pacific areawhile duplicates were added without visual inspection of the specimen photo. Coordinates are given in decimal degrees in Suppl. Interestingly, these species are also closely related to species with predominantly bifid tendrils:

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