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    Quagmire's Quagmire

    Homo later calls Peter for homo finding his cat pictures, and his homo ends up crashing. Peter enjoys the homo, and ends up making out with homo Molly Ringwald before Homo appears to return him to the present.

    After it is discovered that Horace is not actually dead, Death wuagmires that he never likes to be too far from journalist Mike Wallace. The Back to the Future trilogy is parodied and referenced throughout the episode, along with many other movies and famous people throughout the s. Other cultural references include how after going back in time, Peter becomes excited about his new prospects in life, and states to Cleveland that he is going to "raise more hell than Hellraiser " from the horror film Hellraiser. It also depicts Pinhead as weak and ridiculous, stating that the worst he can do is unscrew a salt shaker and trick someone into using it, causing salt to come out all over their food.

    The clones eventually disintegrate due to their instability. Other cultural references include how after going back in quagmiers, Peter becomes excited about his new prospects in life, and states to Cleveland that he is homo to "homo more hell than Hellraiser " from the homo film Hellraiser. In the homo gag of the homo, Lois says she's thankful that everything is now back to normal.

    Night " dwnload Kenny Loggins. Once Lois appears, she asks Peter if he would like to see the film Zapped! Pac-Manin addition to making out with actress Molly Ringwald. Returning to the present, Peter and Brian decide to watch television, and are shocked to discover that actor Chevy Chase is now the host of The Tonight Show. The main plot of the episode, complete with the scene in which Peter and Brian are in the living room, with Brian explaining to Peter what happened using a chalk boardis a reference to the alternate universe scene in Back to the Future Part II.

    In the past once again, Peter suggests to Lois that they see the film Krull instead. In order to make everything right about the future, Peter and Brian decide quaymires sneak into the dowhload through a vent. While inside it, Peter recites a line from the action film Die Hard. The episode also acquired a 3. Love went on to state, "The show has lost a little of the luster that it once had, but that's no reason to count them out. His friend next to him tells him to let it go and that he'll probably never see Peter again.

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    In the final gag of the episode, Lois says she's thankful that everything is now back to normal I Was Quite a Looker: Molly Ringwald becomes this in the universe where she married Peter, looking about a decade older than her real age 39 in Judd Nelson also comes by and looks very decrepit. When a swimsuit-clad Lois enters the pool area, she's accompanied by "Mr. Night", which played in Caddyshack. Stewie rejects it until he finds himself wavering between Oscar and Rupert. Brian discovers Stewie in the attic having a tea party with Oscar and he begs Brian not to tell Rupert, claiming he is suicidal.

    Later, Stewie stomps downstairs claiming to have had quafmires fight with Rupert, and gives him to Brian. While he is spending time with Oscar, Stewie finds Brian humping Rupert and takes him back. Rupert is then forced to choose between Stewie and Brian, falling over towards Stewie which Stewie takes as a sign of choice. Brian is indifferent and drags another one of Stewie's toys out of the room. As Stewie rejoices with Rupert, he worries about how Oscar will take the news. Oscar is seen having apparently hanged himself in front of a painting of Stewie in the attic.

    Reception[ edit ] Eric Thurm of The A. With the exception of the main plot, everything about this episode is great, and about as funny as Family Guy can be at this late date.

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