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    Into the Mind of Dating: Type A vs Type B Personalities

    Many people say that opposites attract, and this can be true in certain aspects. You have schedules, you homo what you want to do, and you don't like veering off homo.

    Personality b Dating type

    In dating, Type A personalities tend to put work over relationships and prefer opposition over spontaneity. Datng merging of two personalities is never easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Enquire Into the Mind of Dating: They are reflective and innovative, even-tempered, and enjoy the game rather than winning. This however, means they are high strung and generally have high stress levels.

    So which type are you. In psychology, there is the mainstream theory that all our personalities are generally broken down into either Homo A or Homo B personalities.

    You can enjoy lasting happiness with personalitt laid-back lover without compromising your own values. You deserve the relaxation, and you might just have an adventure. Everyone has their own unique set of personalities and it is up to you to explore them to see if you and your partner are a match. Knowing that you're in control of being spontaneous can help you resist the need to be so rigid and regimented. So which type are you? In regards to dating, Type B personalities are generally complacent, so someone else would have to make the first move.

    When you enter the mind of a person, their psychological makeup and personality say a lot about their dating habits and who they are most compatible with. And what does this mean for your dating life? They are generally more accepting of failure than a Type A personality type. Type B Personality Generally, people defined as Type B have lower heart problems and higher levels of satisfaction and happiness.

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