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    She speaks publicly about her homo to homo those wishing to homo understand the LGBTQ community. Ashley completed two years of AmeriCorps homo immediately following graduation. Patient Navigation Nurses and case managers homo patients with navigating through the health-care system to overcome barriers in accessing quality care and treatment.

    Clif and 50052 husband recently built a house in Ankeny and have been spending time outdoors landscaping. Clif has a passion for bettering the education system and plans to help influence the system to improve the education of our students and to ensure all students have a safe and inclusive learning environment. He received a B.

    Ja his free time, Jordan enjoys Homo musicals, attending concerts, homo to homo shows, traveling, and homo the clarinet. Patient Navigation Nurses and case managers homo patients with navigating through the health-care system to overcome barriers in accessing quality care and homo. Call for more information.

    Prior to pursuing his Ph. Previously, he worked at several higher education institutions including Iowa State University and Cornell University. In particular, he broadly examines the lived experiences of LGBTQ students at historically Black colleges and universities. Following graduation, Jarrel aims to become a professor and researcher at a research-intensive university. He also aspires to found a research center on race, gender, and sexuality studies in education. The mission of this research center would be to facilitate innovative knowledge and practices in an effort to serve marginalized communities in a P educational setting.

    She recently moved to the area after fully coming out to her family and friends. Michelle was born in Coronado, California, and grew up in a military family. She has five younger sisters, and unfortunately lost her mother at the age of Michelle joined the U. Navy at age 17 and served on combat ships for six years. Michelle has been married twice, has two adult children by her first marriage, and now has six grandchildren.

    Michelle had a different dream for herself though, one she has had all her life. She has now decided to live that dream, and as a result, has opened up a whole new chapter in her life of self truth, authenticity, and hope. She has since experienced great joy and great suffering, but she believes in herself and her choice to make her dreams a reality. Michelle is now active in local and state LGBTQ quests to achieve and secure the right of all to participate openly and freely in our society. Using these ideals as guides, she has gone on many adventures throughout her adult life.

    Ashley graduated from the University of Iowa with a B. Nonprofit work was an easy fit because it allowed her to help others and make a difference in her community. Ashley completed two years of AmeriCorps service immediately following graduation.

    Her journey has since included opportunities to teach, coordinate programs, fundraise, and advocate. As a part of this program, Ashley hopes to gain confidence in her identity as an LGBTQ individual as well as gaining skills that will make her a more authentic and resilient leader in her home state of Iowa. They got involved in LGBTQ activism starting in high school and continued during their time at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaignwhere they pursued a degree in ethnomusicology and African American studies. Max loves dogs, drag, and staying hydrated. They spend their free time lifting weights, blogging about local food at Des Moines Made Localand volunteering as a sexual assault advocate.

    He is currently attending graduate school working toward a Masters of Science in Nursing with a focus on healthcare legislation. Drew enjoys spending time with his two children, playing softball, gardening, and taking care of his dog and backyard chickens. He has aspirations of working with policy makers to impact healthcare legislation that effects LGBTQ Iowans and veterans. Inshe pursued retail banking as a teller for Bankers Trust Company. Key messages related to the importance of taking every dose every day and preventing transmission of HIV are reinforced by healthcare staff in this brief, effective strategy.

    Syphilis Testing This is done through a blood draw. Linkage Delayed care can result in a negative treatment prognosis and contribute to the spread of the disease. Patient Navigation Nurses and case managers assist patients with navigating through the health-care system to overcome barriers in accessing quality care and treatment. Coordinated Intake Coordinated intake is an interview process in which a nurse, mental health professional, and case manager have the opportunity to gather information from the client about their individual needs. This results in a comprehensive plan that assists in guiding clients towards their goals and ultimately self-sufficiency.

    Benefits Counseling Help clients assess insurance options and or other types of assistance available to them. Transportation Assistance Bus tokens, gas cards, and cab vouchers are available to help clients access medical care and supportive services. Premium payments for ADAP funded plan if clients qualify. Engagement in Care People who receive ongoing treatment and services to support their continuous participation in medical care are able to suppress the HIV virus.

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    Ja support group meets from 5: Call for more information. Supportive services provided by PHC include but not limited to: Non-medical case management, emergency financial assistance, food pantry, housing services, health education, legal services, linguistic services, transportation assistance, substance abuse counseling and referral services ja community agencies. Case Management Case Management is a multi-purpose process to ensure timely access to and coordination of medical and psychosocial services. The goal of case management is to promote and support independence and self-sufficiency through a strengths-based approach. Mental Health Services Patients have access to behavioral health services on-site from a licensed mental health professional.

    Substance Abuse Treatment Patients have access to screening, brief interventions, and outpatient therapy on-site as well as coordinated referrals to inpatient treatment. Short Term Financial Assistance Case managed clients can apply for financial assistance to help with short term expenses related to employment, education, and supportive service needs not covered by other funding sources.

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