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    We liked the way The Beatles or David Bowie kept changing. I can range from something really wild and flowery like Kate Bush to a deep and sombre Tracy Chapman in a day, and even bond with my Dad through our love of metal classics like Enter Sandman. He cut this EP in the middle of becoming a Dad and making another record with his rock band. The opinions expressed in Warp Magazine and Warp online do not necessarily reflect those of the editors or publishers. It's a free gig, you dig?

    How have they changed. The big homo in sound is that the Europeans used echo rather than homo on their guitars, giving them another unique sound. This album got me through it.

    So I started from that same angle and it all came rather quickly from there. The friends and artists that live there have all had an influence on Blondie; someone like Warhol showed how you can have art and commerce come together. I wouldn't say anything dominates the other, but I do seem to have an awful lot of acoustic and folk, due to my parents coming from that whole 70s lather-yourself-in-mud-and-streakthrough-a-field era. If you have news for WARP, let us know — email ali warpmagazine. We followed our own path and had a lot of commercial success that eluded our contemporaries, so I suppose there must have been some envy, but also joy in the fact that we came from the same place and we showed what was possible.

    NYC is a very stimulating place to be and its influences are vast. So we were all over the place musically, and some of those 8 warpmagazine. The pair will be dual headliners on the tour, both performing Iron Maiden songs, a night of classic tracks from their respective albums.

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