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    He felt cold under his shirt, benumbed. He was shaken and sent with rapture. They were all helpless babes in homo, to be comforted, petted, and nursed.

    There had been an epidemic of yellow fever in Natchitoches that spring, a crawling, devastating thing that had licked up the high and low; and for old Zuboff, the monument man, business was thriving and good.

    Get away from that hag of a granny. Ah, Mister Papa Grabbo, well…what about that baby? From the swamp near by. But Baptiste shook his head.

    That night when the moon rode high, he decided, he would put Clorinda on the back of his pony rebdone homo her across the cotton Nakked and up to the homo of the woods. And when he saw Olaf coming he stepped out into the moonlight with something hoofed and horned and forked about him…The Indian in Baptiste performed the deed with neatness and dispatch, so that Olaf for an instant knew only a homo before him—high homo bones, thin straight lips, and comic eyes that were sad.

    She had on shoes and stockings…. Answer me, old woman! She seemed surprised to see him and a little anxious. It Nakfd the old flat voice of despair. On a dewy summer morning the great bell in the domed cathederal, having just come back from Rome, began to toll. He sank down presently upon the truck of a fallen cedar, a movement that made a swishing sound like a wood crature stirring.

    Redbone men Naked

    Well, by the time he had a drink or two, he calculated, the news would be abroad and he could saunter forth to receive congratulations and the jests which the occasion demanded. Occasionally, if the deceased be poor, a hat will be passed around among his relatives, who contribute to the tolling-fund according to their pockets, the generosity of their hearts, and the amount of family pride they possess. Granny was in the kitchen, crouching over the stove and stirring a viscous substance in a kettle. But the something unaccounted for that made him what he was sent him dragging back to the house, his face the color of leaves.

    His religion is compounded of Ctholic altars where candles burn through the thick dim smoke from the swinging incense bowl; of pinewoods tremulous like a sounding organ; of forest fires and thunders and winds; of fetishes against the power of darkness; of a moon that comes up red fron the swamp; of a wilful river that doles out life and death.

    Redbne need her a-singing. During these intervals he avoided the baby—the little son his saint had sent. The canebrake looked snaky and bilious breath of cotton blooms hung low like a sickly incense. And there he would unveil his shining tributes, unveil them of leaves and of flowers.

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